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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 6, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> southern california up in flames. west coast under siege from a fast-growing fast-moving fire. it will likely keep burning for days. move the american embassy to the eternal capitol of the jewish people jerusalem. >> president trump fulfilling another campaign promise. today he set to announce the us embassy in israel will move to jerusalem. and the decision is spark protests across the middle east. we'll tell you why. forty dollars for 9 miles? the new tolls on i-66 have many drivers outraged. so the question is, will
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any better? i'm annie yu and i'll have all the details coming up. and later, a sports illustrated surprise. beyonce' making a special appearance at last night's sports person of the year awards to honor colin kardashian. we'll have all the details coming up. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ 9:01 is the time. no surprises here g day d.c. good to see you. good for to you see us hope hopefully. it is wednesday, december 6th. allison seymour, steve chenevey welcome back. hope you're feeling better. >> i'm kind of surprised maureen is home getting better. >> we hope she feels better. >> right. >> it's revolving door around here. >> a sickness once it gets inside the fresh air inside this building it kind of lingers for while. >> it's get trapped in petri dish. >> also ahead this morning times person of the year honor this year goes to the silence breakers who helped launch the
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light decades of sexual harassment and abuse by powerful men a cross the nation. more thon decision coming up as well. first, though, transition day as what we're calling today. we woke up to more seasonal temperatures but the arctic weather is definitely on the way, and we're going to see the mercury start to drop for details tucker is back as well. he came in that revolving door back from little time off. good to see you, sir. >> thank you holly but now that i hear the place is a sick ward. [ laughter ] >> i'll take off again. let's do it. yes, cooler temperatures moving in overnight. our front came through and didn't give us a whole lot of rain. less than a tenth of an inch. we'll throw it out there that the clouds that are lingering here are associate width that front. we got mostly cloudy conditions to start your morning. reagan national 42 degrees. look at theirs dulles and up in baltimore. 38 in and 39. and again wind chills right now are in the 20s and low 30s. so even with an actual air temperature that will probably warm up into the mid 40s
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winds which have been very persistent here. gusty winds over 35 miles per hour for much of the morning i heard them rattling the window during the overnight hours. there's your current wind speed. 21 here in washington. 16 manassas. 17 east of the bay there in stevensville and we'll have winds with us for much of the day. cloud cover. plenty of that in the forecast. might get peeks of sunshine through the clouds but i think more clouds than sun this afternoon and again daytime highs in the mid fours. that 50 was overnight. so i'm not sure we'll warm it up again to 50 probably mid to upper 40s later this afternoon. okay. coming up seven day we'll look at the weekend forecast could we see a flake of snow before the end of the weekend? i don't know the answer. >> could we? i don't know. >> you're the one that would have the answer. >> we count on you, right. >> i'm really asking you guys. >> i'll have answers coming up in a minute. >> i'm going to say sure, why not. i think it sounds like a good idea this time of year. at 9:00 o'clock this morning times person of the year the magazine making big reveal just about 90 minutes ago taking cover
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this is all part of the me too movement. the movement seeks to shed line on sexual harassment and assault. it comes in the wake of revelations about slew of men from hollywood producer harvey weinstein actor kevin spacey, jeremy piven, matt lauer, anchor charlie rose hollywood brett ratner. politician al franken and the growing list goes gone and on continues to grow. time says the silence breakers made this person of the year because of the women who came forward and broke their silence by turning fear into theory. time talks to several victims who broke their silence. and said enough is enough. that includes but is not limited to rose mcgowan, singer taylor swift, ashley judd, actress selma blair, today show anchor megyn kelly. that was the person of the year. number one on the list. as far as president trump, came in second on that list. chinese president pink came in third on that
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tweet us and we'll have moreover coming up at 10:00 o'clock this morning. let us no what you think. #gooddaydc. >> ate i'm not surprised. even it's a good choice. >> i think it's a wonderful choice. i think that, you know arc lot of times there is controversy with whoever time picks for person of the year but i think you would be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn't agree that this was a very, um, cons schenn suss choice an smart choice and definitely something that has made a huge difference this year in our country. >> we're in the middle of a movement. >> all right. 9:05 is the time right now. we're following some breaking news this morning. fox5 has learned there is a multi agency law enforcement activity happening all over our region this morning. we know that federal, state and local agencies are all working together. we continue to work our sources and we had bring you much more when we get information on this breaking news. ♪ developing overnight a plot to murder british prime minister theresa
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sky news reporting he can stream islamic group was behind this attempt. they planned to launch an ied and attack the prime minister with knives in the midst of the chaos. sources say scotland yard has been investigating the plot for several weeks and arrested two men in connection to it. both now face terrorism charges. 90:00 sick is the time right now. us officials are high alert across the middle east in anticipation of a major announce many by president trump that could royal -- spoil the diplomatic landscape there. >> the united states will recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and begin efforts to move the us embassy there. now as the crow flies the distance between tel-aviv and jerusalem is only 40 miles or so. symbolically this move carries enormous weight and reaction has been swift. >> protests in bethlehem.
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president trump over the move that will be formal al nouned later today. >> jerusalem is the palestinian capital by moving this embassy trump is passing all the red lines in politics. >> formidable u.s. embassy in israel has been tel-aviv keeping a distance from disputed jerusalem where the israeli government is based and the move which could take years, is something president trump promised on the campaign trail. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capitol of the jewish people jerusalem. [ applause ] >> and trump is not the first president to make the comm commitment. it's actually been u.s. law since the 1990s. but he would be the first to actually make the move. a number of countries have already lined up against the policy and oh spokesman for palestinian leader mahmoud a bass says it could derail piece efforts. >> this would be -- if
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happens it would complicate things. it would put on obstacle into the piece price. maybe it will be the end of the pose process. >> either way the president will make this announcement in a speech later today from the white house. in alabama overnight, high profile help on the campaign trail for senate candidate roy moore. former white house chief stat gist steve bannon joined moore at a rally last night firing up the crowd. he took a jab at former massachusetts governor writ mitt romney who denounced moore saying no senate majority is quote worth losing our honor or integrity. >> you want to talk about honor integrity brother, bring it. bring it down here to alabama. >> you had the guts to get on the stage, you had the guts to get on the stage of a man that served in vietnam and you expect us to believe honor integrity. judge roy moore has more honor and integrity in that pinky finger than your entire family has in its whole
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>> harsh words get mitt romney there. moore who's in the midst of growing sexual allegations and scandal said he cannot wait to take alabama values to washington. he's running against democrat doug jones in a special election set for tuesday. back here at home a deadly car crash overnight in aspen hill had a ripple effect on drivers all morning long. and just now, at 9:00 a couple of lanes are start to go reopen. fox5 was first on the scene this morning the crash killed one person and seriously injured another person and the investigation closed a 2-mile portion of georgia avenue. melanie alnwick has been there all morning long and brings us the latest details in this story. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. when i called back to the station to update them on the status of the roads it was just a few lanes but now about six, seven minutes later all -- nine minutes later you can see all of the lanes now are open on georgia avenue northbound and southbound. but we are right here at hewett the intersection where that catastrophic collision happened. let's take to you some of the video that we spot the should the when we got on the scene
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there was literally debris all over the place. road was shut down for a 2-mile stretch while they connelled this investigation. there were two vehicles involved in this accident. that blue pickup truck that you see there and then this black vehicle we'll push it into just a little bit. there's was also a black pickup truck involved in this. so the black pickup truck was the striking vehicle heading northbound on georgia avenue as the blue pickup truck was coming across the intersection to make a left hand turn. it looks like the blue car just got spun around and montgomery county fire and rescue when they got here on the scene said they had to extricate one of the passengers from those cars. both men were taken to the hospital. the man in the striking vehicle the black pickup truck did die a few hours later at the hospital, however, the man in what looked to be
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that blue toyota, that 2017 toyota pickup truck, that man did survive with non-life threatening injuries but deviled caused a lot of -- definitely caused lot of extra traffic on the arterial roads earlier this morning. as you can see behind me it looks like everything is getting back to normal. i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. helping at risk youth help their own community coming up later, we'll introduce you to the founders of a movement called "so what else" in an all new edition of pay it forward. first, though, another day, more outrage over those new i-66 tolls. especially after the prices climbed even higher yesterday. annie yu will join us live with the latest complaints. that's coming up next.
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♪ >> i'm trying but it's so expensive on this one stretch. i'll tell you about it later. >> maybe we'll talk about it right now. it is day three. we're still talking about it on day three about those i-66 toll lanes. outrage continues to grow about the amount of money that it's costing tolls reached $40 at one point yesterday morning and on monday, they peaked at 34.50. >> as you can imagine, people are having quite the reaction to the new travel
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some argue it's too much and people didn't realize prices would be so high. others say the express lanes seem to be for the wealthy and there's no way lower income drivers could afford that amount of money. then at the on the end of the spectrum people say, hey, you don't have to use them. you can do do something else. fox5's annie yu joins us live from i-66 with more. good morning. >> good morning everybody. that's right. here we are day three still on top of this story because we hear the concerns from both sides and we're trying to get some answers from transportation officials. so throughout the morning we've been monitoring the roads. the window for the peak the tolls opened at 5:30 and we saw it as low as eight dollars for one trip, right now in the last 15 minutes, we saw it jump from that $22.1 way to $19 and that's the highest we have seen it this morning. the window closes in just about 15 minutes. were you we are along i-66 inside the beltway. solo drivers can now hop on between those peak times and you
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of how yesterday went and i want to show that to you. they say that yesterday it was $40 was the max that they reached. and 22 -- 12,000 excuse me 12,000 vehicles jumped on the lanes during that time, and the average speed for drivers was 5. so they say that's a success. that are goal so get people moving at least 45 miles per hour on this roadway. i want to show was we're looking at here. we're headed to dc now. we're going about 42, 43 for us. but things are going good rate of speed wise but transportation officials say the price is generated off traffic volume. but you know, $22 fork $40, $34 us a mentioned that's a hefty price if you're trying to take this. if you have two or more in your car it's free. but transportation officials say so far the algorithm is working and they say they are getting more people moving with fewer vehicles on the roadway. that was
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virginia transportation secretary addressing some of the issues people have. >> from a traffic management perspective we are getting the additional almost 20 miles additional hour flowing through inside the beltway, buses and transit are running on time and more people are opt to use them because they're more reliable. by the way, hov users are now getting the benefit for making that decision where before they were being clogged up by people using the lanes that shouldn't have been. and so from a, new york overflow over on to the arterial lanes. we've been working with arlington and fairfax and they're reporting normal operations in those areas. >> reporter: that was one of the concerns is, you know, you're getting these hybrids off and some of the violators that were taking the hov only prior to this change. so a lot of people were asked won't that traffic spill into the other parts
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roads even more. and they say so far so good. so we can expect to see more data coming out and secretary lane says they might be able to adjust tolls if they can still get people moving at least 45 miles per hour. also if you look at your screen these are just some of the reactions coming out some of the opinions out there. some saying as you mentioned we might as well label the express lanes rich people only a lot of outrage saying how, when will this end and why should drivers have to pay to use roads that they have already helped pay to build and maintain. but then others will argue transportation comes with cost and they point out that before this change solo riders or drivers couldn't even use these lanes. so if you don't like it, don't use it they say. but we will continue to keep a close eye on this story. we hear you. keep those opinions and reactions coming on our fox5 facebook page. state legislators are also demanding answers they want to know what happened. they said that the start of this plan they were told the average cost one way would cost six or seven dollars and now we're seeing 24, 34,
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rides. back to you guys in the studio. >> so annie, maybe question for the next time you talk with the v dot officials. i went on the website e-z pass website to get the flex transponder because i don't have it there's a calf see yacht that says if you don't use that in six months, you have to return it and pay a ten dollars fee in addition if you don't use the flex thing once in the six months. do you know anything about that, an 19. >> that's a great question. there are two e-z pass. e-z pass and flex. the flex allows us to switch over to hov on when you have two or more people in your car you ride for free. if you don't use hov often, once every six months, you'll be charged ten dollars so that's something to keep in mind. if you don't use hov, you might want to go with e-z pass. >> i mean it seems like give us a flex option much it's an option. i don't know when i'm going to need to jump on the highway. >> lots of hassles for sale -- houses for sail in maryland. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> than
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all right. any way. i just don't like the fact now if you go to the airport you'll pay 30 bucks now to go to the airport. >> for me if i see all of this i'm going to avoid it alto altogether. stay away. >> you find yourself on the road oh, i'm here. >> those who do carpool are winning right now. >> yes. >> that's their goal. >> 9:20 netflix firing another star over sexual assault claims. danny master son is not going quietly we'll go to life to tmz for the details. >> the california wildfires continue to spread. we'll tell you what's making them so hard to explain. russia banned from the upcoming owe winter olympic. what does this mean for the athletes who have been training for years. huge news for cheese lovers. science says the beloved dish the dairy dish may be good for you. but there's a catch. we'll have the details when we check what else is making headlines next. ♪
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♪ ♪ this year, start a new holiday tradition... delicious recipes made with nutella! the holidays never tasted this good. discover holiday recipes at
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♪ all right. 9:23 is the time.
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>> getting ready for my close up. >> how about you get ready forehead lines right now. >> i'll do it for you right now. first up the latest on that massive wildfire emergency in southern california this time. several fires continue to burn just out of control. the largest burning though through communities in venture what county. hundreds of buildings, homes have been destroyed. imagine that just destroyed. nearly 200,000 people forced to evacuate. team russia no longer allowed to participate in next year's olympic winter games. iec made the decision over the country's state sponsored doping program in the 2014 games. the scandal led to more than two dozen russian athletes losing their medals from those games. moscow has denied such program ever existed. the committee did say some russian annulets can compete but they'll have to do so without their national flag or anthem. spokesperson for russian president vladimir putin says the kremlin will analyze the olympic ban before taking any steps. usir
9:25 am
record-breaking holiday travel this season. according to airline trade group 51 million passengers are expected to hit the skies. so airlines are adding another 91,000 seats per day from december 15th to janua january 1st. air travel set to increase three-point 5% from last year. the busiest travel days are expected to be december 21, 22nd and the 26th. cheese lovers rejoice eating cheese is apparently good for your health but just about 1 ounce a day can drop your risk for heart disease research now says. it even ward off strokes. this was a ten-year study it found people who ate cheese once a day were up to 18% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. 14% less likely to have car 94 heart disease and 10% less likely to have a stroke. and finally, santa's grand entrance going horribly wrong. skydiving santa planned to deliver holiday joy on florida beach
9:26 am
shelf -- elf in the shelf to a nine-year-old girl. so old saint nick as he was making his landing he crash into a tree and light pole before landing hard on the beach. >> oh no. >> do we see it? here we go. >> oh! >> yeah. santa broke his leg. i know. but he's expected to make full recovery. thank goodness. following the crash the young girl found a note from santa and her elf as they made light of the situation it said "as we were about to land this big tree jumped right out in front of us. don't worry though san tan i are resting in this hotel that they -- keep calling a hospital. so santa has got a sense of humor there. >> i understand really good health care at the north pole. >> should be fine. >> that's good. i thought there was a downside to the cheese story. can i eat all the cheese i want. >> an ounce a day. an ounce a day. >> that's not lot of cheese. >> no. like a taste. >> little square that i used to love of laughing could you. maybe that's an ounce. >> maybe. >> i'll check. >> or i won't. >> the ounce that covers like a quarter of your h
9:27 am
>> that would be an ounce. >> that's an ounce. >> yeah. >> santa stick to the reindeer. they know thou fly. >> tomorrow's study will be eat as much as you like. >> i look forward to that one. >> just don't eat water with it. >> 9:26 is the time. sports illustrated award show but beyonce' stilt star. coming up next who she was there to help honor. >> first though tucker is back with much more on the much colder weather that's headed our way, and when we could see perhaps a chance for snowflakes. steve? >> coming up at 10:00 o'clock this morning. don't go anywhere. she's a future royal and apparently her friends are cashing in. we'll have all the details when we check in with addition dish nation host porsha williams. john cena is here in dc. his number one fan is stalking him as we speak. this time it's not kevin mccarthy. it kind of is. kevin and erin como are stalking the super star to what the brought the national wwe champ and actor to
9:28 am
>> kevin talked to daysly ri ridley. does her accent play a role in her mysterious past. it's 9:27. back with more after this. this.
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hello. welcome back. 9:30 is the time. sports illustrated awards were held last night honoring athletes of the year, and one of those athletes was colin kaepernick. he received the sports illustrated muhammed ali
9:31 am
award and surprise it was given to him by beyonce'. the super star said she was proud and humbled to present him with that award saying quote thank you for your personal sacrifice. colin took action with no fear of consequences or repercussions only hope to change the world for the better. during his speech kaepernick said with or without the nfl' platform i will continue to work for the people because my platform is people. other winners of the light included houston texans defensive end jj wallet and world series champ hughes stan astros second baseman we're talking about jose al tveit. both received the sports illustrated persons of the year and are on the cover. watt for fundraising accomplishments after hurricane harvey raising $37 million in relief aid. check out the red carp before the ceremony. that very tall guy on the far left that's joel embiid towering over both jose al tveit and jj watt. attuve stands at 5-foot six. >> the way they stage the
9:32 am
altuve. >> 5-foot six. when i growing up i was the shortest kids in the class. you're never going to be able to do this because it's two short. >> he wins an mvp, world series. on the cover of sports illustrated you know what no matter what your physical statue is is it's up here. >> and here, too. >> it is. it absolutely is. >> the most important thing is, don't listen to anybody else who tells you cannot do it or were will not be able to do it. if you believe it, you can do it. >> use the hate as your motivation, yup. there you go. >> that's a great picture. >> it really is. >> in many ways. >> love everything about it. no one told tucker barnes he couldn't. look at him. the success that he is today. >> well, yeah. ya, holly i don't know how to respond that. we'll go with that. 42 now in washington. those winds are still with us very persist ten out of the north and west 22 gusts to 35 feeling like3.
9:33 am
it definitely feels chill out this morning and wind chills are just not going to budge a lot today. air temperature is not going to budge a lot back into the mid 40s. current wind chills here's what i'm trying to give you a hint take a jacket with you this morning you'll want it throughout the day here. feels like 34 in washington. 30 in gaithersburg. just freezing at dulles and manassas 38 in leonardtown. temperatures just not going to budge a lot our front has come through and locking down that cool for the day. got a little bit of clearing here and there. we might get a few peeks or periods of sunshine today i think more clouds than sun this afternoon, and daytime highs in the mid 40s. then once the night arrives, we'll watch temperatures plummet here back near freezing by tomorrow morning. so the pattern over the neck several days will be to keep things nice and cool. and maybe even a few degrees below average temperature wise as we get into the weekend. we'll get another reinforcing shot of more chilly air as we get into the weekend. by sunday i don't think hour day times highs will be much out of the upper 30s. so we've g
9:34 am
on the horizon here for the next several days. breezy only in the 40 today's. again that wind chill will remain in the low to mid 30s and not going to watch thermometer budge here a whole lot the next couple of days. as daytime highs will be a few degrees below normal. hey snowflake chances maybe we'll get something east of the city on friday. we'll have to watch that one carefully although right now it look like the threat would generally be east of the bay and anything we get will be very light. a little clipper kind of saturday night and sunday that will bring us snow shower around here during the day on sunday. again, neither of these are big deals. but maybe our first flakes of the season for parts of the area by the end of this weekend. that is the weather update. definitely take a jacket with you when you head out. allison i'll toss it over to y you. >> tuck, thanks so much. here at fox5 we like to recognize and really honor ordinary people who are paying it forward and this morning we're happy to highlight really a movement called so what else. it was started by two men the program looks to reach under served young people with innovative and holistic prra
9:35 am
hours of after school programs across the region connecting a thousand or so volunteers with some 60 projects all with the hope that the kids go on to pay it forward themselves. so joining us this morning are the founders of so what else we like to welcome dave silber, hello. >> hi. >> and bob to the studios. good morning bock. >> how are you. >> i got to ask about the name. so what else. what did this come from. >> the name was actually little bit of a joke. >> okay. >> inside joke between us. >> make it public now. you're on life tv. >> we thought it was perfect when we started. we didn't know really where we were going to focus, so we would call other organizations in the area and we'd ask, what can we do to help? and it kind of stuck. and everybody commented usually how much they loved the name. >> right. >> so what started as a joke ended up being the name of our great organization. >> it's super catchy and so what else includes really a holistic approach. we visited and
9:36 am
yoga. other issues -- like all around way to connect with the kids in the hopes that they themselves pay it forward. i love that. >> that's right. yeah. >> tell us about it. >> yeah, so we try to have a wide range of programming, you know, like the course of a summer day or after school program moving from the a arts o integrative wellness to just giving the kids a flavor for everything. we want to bring in all the different types of professional that is we can. so they can share their mentor ship and their leadership and their skills with the kids. >> when i was reading the introduction there i always hate saying, impoverished, at risk. i hate those titles. you guys who are these kids that you all reach? tell us about these kids. these kids just like my kids on your kids who are these kids? >> you know, i like to say they're under served. >> it's not them. they are being under serve. >> perhaps it's the community or the circumstances that they were born into.
9:37 am
>> right. >> i really think that all kids are in need and maybe some are some desperation. and our programming set up where it's free. so we like to go after the kids that need it the most. we are humanitarians and activists by nature we want to go to the areas where kids are dealing with parents working incredible hours, trauma in some of the communities and stuff like that. >> we visited one of the programs the after school programs. i want everybody at home to see what so what else does. >> we have programs all over dc, montgomery county in pg. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> the types of programs we provide after school programming and summer camp. >> i want you all to think outside of the box. >> integrated wellness which is everything from sports to yoga to healthy eating.
9:38 am
i like the staff, the children. >> we're trying to create communities. >> with want them to have that same really good feeling when they are giving back. we try to have them serve in their community. make an art project that we would then donate the children. we would build a -- out of the trash clean up we did for the community. even tighe though you're a kid in anterior unserved community you're able to still make an impact. they don't have to say much. you can see it on their face. you can see it in their demeanor that i'm -- i'm able to contribute. and that's a really good fee feeling. >> so what else! >> that program i don't know if you heard it were you they were making arts and crafts and i want to you
9:39 am
arts and craft that is would go on to help other kids, right. >> yeah. tell us about that part of it because that's the wonderful part. >> that's the paying it forward. >> they're taking ownership. >> yeah. we installed a program that's call the on site service curriculum because often very difficult to get kids to travel to, you know, out of their neighborhood to do a service project. we still want to infuse their learning with service. >> okay. >> so at all of our programs, we have them, um, work on projects that can, n can help the community. >> and pate it forward. >> right there from their location. >> we were at one of your after school programs a yoga program. we noticed that you needed some mats. we're trying to pay it forward. >> oh, my gosh. >> holy molely. >> we think you can use some snacks and mats and this is joel with easterns automotive groups and he helps us pay it forward. >> thank you very much. >> tell us what did you bring? wait. also, not just this though you all do a
9:40 am
>> yes. >> easterns is helping to send five of those kids to camp. >> absolutely. >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll sponsor five are your kids for next year. i know you were looking for sponsors for each kid. we got $200 for pizza party for christmas. >> oh, my gosh. >> what surprise. >> 16 yoga mats a bunch of snacks thing anything you need. you are empowering the kids of the d.c. area to help everyone else. it's great. >> eastern social security giving $1,500 and we hope that five kids will enjoy the experience and go on to pay it forward. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> how do you feel? >> i'm blown away. >> i would like to sing the eastern song. >> i saw these when i walk into the green room. >> i almost said to dave, god it looks like some of our stuff for camp i thought that. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> yeah. my dad always said thoughts held in mind produce after their k kind. so here they are. thanks to eastern. >> thanks to eastern. >> we honor the work you're doing and especially that component that's going to activate the
9:41 am
like yourself and humanitarians. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> what else. this is what else. thank you guys. we'll be right back. >> thank you. >> that's awesome. >> that's amazing. i really did think that. >> that's great. >> thanks, buddy. >> what a surprise. >> how sweet. >> thank you. >> ♪
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he's not going out without a fight this is old news. >> guys, danny master son i mean already lost the fight with netflix. he's off the show the ranch they booted him over the weekend and they said this is of course directly related to four rape allegations against danny master son. now, you're right as far as going down swinging. he is denies all these claims n fact says at least three -- three of these claims were investigated and the police completely cleared him. these are by the way years old. there
9:45 am
is currently investigating. but danny denies that as well, and feels that he's, upping, that he was kicked off the show unfairly because like you said some of these allegations were years -- ten years old and had been investigated. so danny feels like, you know, netflix was bowing to pr pressure to kick him off the show. so he is of course, you know, there's nothing he can do about netflix he's already lost that one. but he's clearly going to fight any allegations that come forward as the police investigate. >> so charles, here's a question then. you've been around hollywood for a very long time. you've heard the whispers and exposed a lot of this stuff your colleague at tmz. in this particular case, when it comes to danny masterson look missing that brought up criminally, investigated criminal. cleared criminally because this the culture now in hollywood to just let people go right off the bat. my
9:46 am
hollywood going to accept a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this, if so, how deep is it going to run? >> i believe there's going to be zero tolerance policy. i mean, guys, you know, it's not only in hollywood but it's in new york and it's in entertain in many general i think you've seen -- when someone like matt lauer is fired win 24 hours of nbc fining out about something as they said, you know, everyone that's a clear sign that corporations, studios aren't going to take a chance with t this. you know, it is going to be zero tolerance and there's top to lose. they all know that if they don't act that they're going to be huge lawsuits their going to be libel for it so as soon as they find out about something, they're firing people. >> wow. >> all right. let's move on and talk about rivera this whole divorce business. explains what's going on here. >> the timing seems perfect sounds weird to
9:47 am
her divorce. but any of the. a rivera did file for divorce from ryan dorsey and this comes on the heels, of course, of her arrest over thanksgiving weekend for allegedly hitting him now we know that we've gotten the divorce documents which she filed here in los angeles. she has listed the date of separation as november 24th, the 25th -- i sorry november -- november 24th the 25th is the day they had the argument where she allegedly hit him. while they were on vacation in west virginia. now, she is citing irreconcilable differences. and she says that she does not want spousal support. doesn't want him to get spousal support. she doesn't want it either and this is, you know, it sounds like there have been other issues but we've heard that the police have been called multiple times. she's call the police during their marriage so it seems like this was something that has been sort of brewing with this couple and c
9:48 am
thanksgiving weekend as it usually does over the holidays we see this all the time. i can't tell you how many stories we broke over thanksgiving weekend where celebrities are getting into fights with their spouses or, you know, with family members. >> it sounds like what you're saying they're better off without each other based on their history. if they're not looking for anything from each other maybe that's the path they go on. >> john maher his path was not to take trip to the hospital but he ended up there. what happened? >> he was down in new orleans. he's touring with the dead and company when he had to be returned of rush to the hospital on tuesday morning because he had needed an emergency appendectomy. he is recovering now and he's& going to be okay. but the tour has been postponed. supposed to be playing last night in new orleans. they had to cancel that and they've offed refunds. they will reschedule it. but john is going to be okay. as just, you know, a
9:49 am
hiccup that happens on the road sometimes. you're four years old f your appendix makes it to 40, is that good long life for your penn dicks? we can laugh about it. john is going to be okay. and they'll be back on the road soon. >> i'd like mine to make it to 100 with the rest of movement. >> with the same equipment you came into the world. >> charles, thank you very much. that would be nice. >> it sure would be. >> see you soon. thanks buddy. >> 9:49. you can catch charles and the rest of the tmz crew weekdays at 3:00 and at 7:00 right here on fox5. >> holdly. >> thank you gentlemen. 9:49. coming up to of fox's biggest stars dish on the side project that they're also working on. we'll catch up with taraji p. henson and queen latifah coming up next. we'll be right back. ♪
9:50 am
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♪ >> i remember that song from back if the day when hiphop was fun and i was in college. >> ladies first. >> i digress. >> let the ladies speak first. >> holiday season is a busy time of year for almost everybody. it's even busier for two of fox's biggest leading ladies. fox's steve rap rah port sat down with taraji p. henson and queen
9:53 am
details. >> despite working hard on their weekly tv season empire taraji p. henson and queen latif fee have few other projects in the works. taraji gearing up for the january release of proud maryann action flick following a hit woman working for an organized crime family in boston and her annual music and variety special taraji's white hot holidays airing december 14th on fox. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year i'm bringing the cheer. >> this is our third year doing it. it was born because i remember watching variety television, cool carol burnett, sonny and cher and solid gold. i just remember that that was a time when i can sit with family, you know, that was family time. especially around the holiday season. we don't have that and so i love to laugh. i love comedy sketches. >> there's absolutely nothing to worry about. >> queen latifah produced lifetime tv movie flint chronic clinic flint's
9:54 am
well and something i thought we should continue to bring to the attention of the public. ♪ >> they haven't side lined their fox dramas teasing the meg a good hit series expect the unexpected. >> i came here for answers. >> i can just say the season finale just think misery. >> really really bad things are going to happen to my character for sure. things are going to get really rough, um, but there's also a bunch of hope an lot of good things happening at the same time but, boy, the drama, ooh, ooh, and some relationship things. >> whatever beef you got going on between you two you need to dead that right now. >> in hollywood, steve rah pa pour, fox news. and reminder you can catch empire and star tonight starting 88:00 right here on fox5. >> verily cool. >> awesome. all right. >> in the meantime, cool and awesome and celebrity. >> porsha william of real housewives of at land to will join us so we can dish on what's happening in la la land
9:55 am
>> john cena has several crushes here on good day d.c. >> he's crushing ons? >> no. he has several crushes. some people crushing on him. >> oh. >> the crush she. the crush chers are out there of the. >> cena crush. erin como and kevin mccarthy tag teaming the wwe star as he's here in washington, d.c. we'll find out what he's up to and we will hear from him coming up next hour. >> believe it or not, you know, we are a little more than week away from star wars coming out, and of course, our open kevin mccarthy got the dc exclusive with daysly ridley who plays ray. we'll hear from her. >> also coming up we're going to do some men's holiday fashion. [ laughter ] >> every time we talk star wars i have to do my darth vader. >> weknew who it was. >> you don't have to explain your joke. it was good. >> i don't alter the script any further. >> it's yoda. >> first though it's coffee time on good day
9:56 am
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the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it is a must watch wednesday on good day at 10a. we have the red hot topics this morning. time unveils its person of the year. how
10:00 am
can save her marriage to brad pitt plus has meghan markle been sold out by her friends? we get all the celebrity at this time this morning with real housewives the at lap at a star porsha william. one week away the last jedi opens next week. don't worry star wars fans. we have you cover. kevin has your d.c. exclusive with daisy ridley. and shhh, our morning of surprises continues. we are live from one local school that's about to get a big one. let's do this d.c. in three, two, one. roll it. the 10a starts right now. ♪ >> man they are days when it's good to be part of the show and days when it is really really good to be a part of the show. we have barbecue battle that we are going to be taking advantage of throughout the day today. i mean look at this. this is ridiculous all brisket what we're talking about right now. three great barbecue locations in d.c. and they are just some of the ones whoil
10:01 am
part in tastings and samplings at the metro cooking show this weekend here in dc we'll talk about coming up later this hour. my goodness these chefs put the final preps on their product we'll be the lucky guinea pigs that get a chance to sap pell this and see how they stack up against each other coming up later on. guys, i'll let you guys get back to work with all the seasonings. it looks amazing. good stuff coming up. that my taste buds are tingling little bit just looking at that. >> it smells good in here. >> that's amazing. >> what great election of food. >> i'm hungry. >> i'm real hungry. >> i hope you're real hungry. >> are there sides. >> will you help me out? >> sides? >> steve, you know what, these two -- >> 22 can't eat the brisket it's for more me and you. >> may be there will be sides. >> he's a recovering brisket person. >> all right. check this out. welcome to the show. 10:01 is the time. before we check scene what's trending, allison seymour talking headlines. >> all right, wis. first up, the latest on that massive wildfire emergency in southern california. the largest is the thomas fire
10:02 am
overnight the flames jumped highway 101 forcing new evacuations in cities near the pacific ocean. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed including an apartment complex. the ventura hospital also heavily damaged. all the patients and staff were thankfully able to make it out on time. president donald trump expected to recognize jerusalem as the capitol of israel. it's a move the us embassy from tel-aviv to the holy city will also see that move. the move will take the state department years to complete. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said the move will have detrimental consequence on the piece process. other world leaders want president trump to postpone the move. the 2018 winter olympic in about two months but this time it will be without one of the most powerful countries in the world. for the first time ever, russia has been banned from the olympics. international olympic committee the ioc announced that russia is banned from the up
10:03 am
limb 96 in south korea after investigation showed widespread doping by russian athletes in sochi four years ago. russian who's can prove their clean will still be a ill to compete as neutral athletes though. no national anthem new york city flag. ups says it's struggling to keep up with deliveries because even with more people than anticipated shopping online in the days following thanksgiving they're having problem getting packages where they're going after cyber monday. don't panic though. the parcel service says it's only a day or two behind. so you'll still get those packages well before the hol holiday. the company says it's also wo working to hire even more help and stream line operations for the rest of the holiday season. finally, wizards in portland looking a lot better than they did in utah on monday night. bradley biehl barely slept after the loss to the jazz but he will feel pretty good this morning. last night he scored a career high 51 points. he also hit five, three
10:04 am
washington led by as many as 23 points and went on to win 106 to 92. wizards continue their road trip way visit to the suns tomorrow night. >> he scores 51 and the it in before the whole team had 69. >> otto porter had 14 toe team . i'll bet he slept good last night. >> on any given night. >> you know if tucker was john wall he'd be like, bile biehl, you know i had 52. >> always a competition. >> don't sleep and score. good right. let's check what's trending on this wednesday morning. >> holly. >> big story this morning is time magazine announcing their person of the year today. it isn't just one person nabbing the spot but a group that started the movement. one of the highest velocity shifts in our culture since 1 1960. time has maimed the silence breakers as person of the year. they are the voices that launch the the me too movement speaking out about victims of sexual harassment and assault. among those making the pages social activist birk who created
10:05 am
2006. joining her or ac actors rows mc you go and a little is a milano. not every wasn't woman. terry cruise is included his agent groped him. now a lot of people are sunning off about this on social media using the hash tag hash tag time person of the year. here's some of the tweets that we are seeing. >> time person of the year the silence breakers i'm glad that this rampant abuse has been brought to life but justice will not be served until justice is served. the accused must stand trial and if found guilty must pay for their actions behind bars hash tag me too. everyone able to speak out all of those who were able to find their voice all of those who finally felt validated and heard and all of those who have wanted to speak out but can't, you're all, we are all time person of the year. the silence breakers hash tag me too. i'm so proud of of woman who shared their me to stories this year. if we continue to educate others we can change the
10:06 am
how about that. hands up, fist pump. >> so keep them coming we want to know what you think. tweet us using the #gooddaydc. we will also tell you that president donald trump he came in second place for time person of the year and chinese president pism ng came at number three. >> hopefully all of this leads to a change in a mindset and culture that's been known in hollywood since forever. we're talking about casting couches and that whole the person in power taking adva advantage. >> not just hollywood. >> across the board. a person taking advantage of the person with no voice. hopefully this is all starting to change. people are calling them out now. the fear factor hopefully is gone. >> yes. >> when this stuff, if it continues to happen, people will have a venue to come forward there will be consequence. >> hold toll your point i sincerely hope it trickles down. if we're talking about powerful woman or man in hollywood, imagine, you know a domestic who
10:07 am
employee. imagine, you know, an office worker who's just trying to get their foot in the door and every move they make it's like predators are sitting there waiting. it's real and i'm happy that we're seeing this culture shift before my daughters start to enter the work force. >> you hope it has a lasting impact. we were just talking to tmz. one of the other stories they have up now rose mcgowan making the claims harvey weinstein is still out partying and living the big life and the victims are getting shame. is that a change in color. >> it definitely hasn't gotten there. overall goal we want a new understanding. everybody needs to understand that this is not right. what they're doing is wrong. because we have heard so many people say they didn't really think they were doing anything wrong. because the rules were different. well the rules have changed. >> yes. >> and people need to understand what the rules are. >> and to that, you know what really gets on my nerves is the whole, is that okay? can i tell uh-uh look nice today? it's not funny. it's not a joke. >> exactly. >> this is real. people in their emotions you talk
10:08 am
trauma in all of that and not knowing -- not knowing how to navigate in the business world and trying to get ahead it's not funny and not being overly politically correct i don't feel comfortable when you approach me this way i feel like if i speak out i'm going to be in some way my career will be stopped and i'm going get fired. i got kids to feed. what do i do? so enough with the whole oh, is that okay. >> making light of it. >> it's not funny. >> that whole behavior that is -- >> a lot of these people involved in this new exactly what they were doing. >> of course they did. >> it has never been appropriate to invite somebody up to your room with your robe open and do all that stuff. they knew better. they were getting away with it. >> it was allowed. >> because they allowed -- the perpetrators allowed it to happen. because they set the whole thing up. they knew so don't give me the cop out, oh, now -- no it's not now. it's always been inappropriate. >> i don't think it was just the perpetrators. some people above the perpetrators because those perpetrators were making them money or they were gaining so there was this cu
10:09 am
allowed. >> you talking about harvey weinstein, for example don't tell me he didn't know better. >> oh yeah. >> oh, no. >> that's just what he was do doing. he was getting away with it. >> entitled. >> but the people that knew about him had something to gain. >> right. that's true. >> from his talents so they allowed it and overlook it. i personally think they're as guilty as the person that did it. >> well, i don't care about all of that. i know the person who did it knew exactly what he was doing and cop out to say oh well let him. they didn't let him get away with anything. did he it. did he what he did. he is guilty. >> um-hmm. >> to me it's that simple. >> i hear you. >> both of you. >> all right. still to come this morning star wars and ferdinand hit the big screen on the same day this morning kevin sitting down with the stars of both movies. coming up later he's going to share more of his one-on-one with daisy ridley with star wars and john cena he came to kevin. niece d.c. today. first though did angelina jolie hope a movie would save her
10:10 am
marriage? the future royal beside bride sold outeat by her bff and new proof that dj cal lid' sons is the one. a special addition with the one and only porsha williams is coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
10:11 am
z2m7ez z16fz
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y2m7ey y16fy
10:13 am
♪ >> what is that? >> rihanna. >> oh. >> and lemon. i heard this morning. i was in the car 2:00 o'clock in the morning like this. i heard your whole car moving as you were coming in. >> yeah. >> that's the jam. i don't know what they're saying i better get the lyric. >> exactly. >> you want the clean version. >> i don't want my kids in the car. >> you better listen in total. >> right. i better do that. it's time for got day celebrity dish. >> this morning we are bringing in some real celebrity help joining us once again live is dish nation co-host real housewives of atlanta star porsha williams. hey, porsha. >> good morning to you. >> hey, good morning guys. >> i just want to say i went to the play and i saw you at the play. you were phenomenal. i want to give you that right out of the gate. >> thank. >> i'm not sucking up. >> i didn't know you game. [ laughter ] >> i'm not sucking up. >> i'm so glad you were able to catch it. >> it was great. >> even if you
10:14 am
it. [ laughter ] >> he was raving about it when he came back in to work. >> i'm telling you it was good. >> i wish i would have known that you came. i would have totally conveniented you back stage. >> what? >> chat a little bit. i definitely would have. >> hash tag missed opportunity, wis. okay. >> right. let's talk about angelina and her revealing interview about what she thought could have made saved her marriage. >> exactly. all right. so she's opening up more and more these days, sheens talking about working with her he can hub brad pitt on the movie by the sea. i don't know if you saw it a movie based on a couple who's marriage was failing and they went out of town to try to rekindle things and see if they could figure out they can stay together. so basically the movie kind of simulated her life at the time because they were on rocky roads. she said they work together when they did mr. and mrs. smith. and that was a great way for them to bond then when she stole jennifer's husband. but any way -- [ laughter ]
10:15 am
>> she decided that they would, yeah, she figured they would bond again and this way it would be a give way for them to communicate. now, it didn't solve certain things but did it allow them to communicate with each other and i guess maybe just figure out that, hey, this is knot definitely not going to work for us. it was her last straw at trying to fix her marriage with brad. >> did you see by the sea? did you see it? >> i did. you know i was just telling them i did see the movie, and it was kind of erie because it was like that point if you're watching it she wrote it if as the relationship is over. and it should have have been over year ago you kind of stay in there and try to work it out. so i guess that is very similar to what she was really going through. it was little boring. >> i don't even remember it at i was m it was hard to watch. >> mr. and mrs. smith that was good. >> that was good. >> when their love was new. >> that was spicy. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> right. >> um-hmm. >> let's talk about -- >> they ended where they sta started. >> let's switch gears and talk about dj cal lid's son on the cover. >> the best the best the best
10:16 am
he's on the weren't years old and he's already a mogul. we already know that dj khalid's son son is the music producer of his album. and he is gracing us on the cover of paper magazine. normally that's a pretty racy magazine. remember kim kardashian broke the internet on that? >> oh yeah. >> he's bringing some innocence to the cover of the magazine. he's wearing flasher track suits. mini rolls royce vehicles. he recently also had a big epic birthday party in my am me he got $100,000 watch. i mean with this kid what is next? a billionaire by ten? >> wow. >> he is pretty cute though. >> yes. >> isn't he adorable. >> he's pretty adorable. >> he is. >> this next story drives me crazy porsha because we keep saying, you know, is meghan markle's bff selling her out? well, i'm just here to say i think it's clear she's not her bff. >> at all. yeah, let's strip her of that title right now. she's broken all kind of codes. her bff
10:17 am
and did an exclusive interview with daily mail. any way she basically is blaming meghan for the break up of her marriage. she's spilling the beans on that. she is saying meghan not the person she wants new -- she once new. she's changed. she also talks about how meghan wanted to be famous and loves being the center of attention and used to practice announcing herself and i got to say to that, a big so what? that's what most people entertainment and especially an actress do. they envision their future and where they want to be in success. i think her friend is just a big hater. >> i think she friend is ate up with jealousy is what she is. >> oh, absolutely. like i said, i think that it's possible that meghan hasn't told her yet that she's going to be her bride made or made of honor and she's feeling some type of way and she has definitely jumped the gun in telling all of her friends business. >> i think she was never a best friend to meghan's and that bff titl w
10:18 am
>> well, they've been friends since they were two. i mean so -- >> um-hmm. >> i don't know. >> real bff's don't do this. >> yeah. that's true. people love to throw that title bff on there. >> exactly. >> when they want to be make sure their information is like confirmation. >> here's what evening. she's complaining about her changes. well, people change. you're supposed to change. you'r supposed to grow and evolve. whatever. i'm with you whatever. who cares? who cares about this lady hating on meghan markle. >> if she changed about to marry a prince, that's a good change. >> absolutely. >> i love that change. >> winning. meghan markle is winning. >> right. >> a comedian -- >> winning. >> one comedian said, one of the great comedians was like, yeah, of course i'm going to change. what am i going to hang around here for. >> exactly. >> come on. >> um-hmm. >> stop hating. we're always winning when you're with you porsha. thanks so much for joining us today. we really appreciate it. >> all right. thank you guys. i'
10:19 am
>> all right. >> see you porsha. reminder that you can catch all new episodes of dish nation weekdays at 4:00 a.m. right here on fox and it rolls right into that exciting 4:25 fox5 morning news. just -- >> win/win. >> exactly. >> wis what a missed opportunity indeed. i feel bad about the play. >> it was an mazing play. >> the back stage. >> with everybody. it was like 15 celebrities in it. >> i don't like announcing myself when i go places. >> oh, okay. >> since when? >> right. >> i'm just saying. since when. >> aim a low key kind of guy. >> that's true. really? did you guys see when we gave away the money in the stores? he announced himself every time we walked in. >> i announce myself when i walk back to my house. >> a missed opportunity. >> it is now ten old 19. on wednesday. coming up holiday -- what am i saying. >> party. >> holiday party fashion for the fellas this time. we'll have the hottest looks for the men in your life a little later. ♪ r.
10:20 am
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and switch because you can be confident that anthem understands you and the road you travel and what it takes to move forward. join the thousands who choose anthem every year for low monthly premiums, affordable prescriptions, and doctors they love. switch for good to anthem and protect yourself from high medical costs. (vo) enrollment ends december 7th. so call today for more information. call 888-266-6962 now. ♪ >> pretty. a lot of people will be traveling this holiday season. >> where are you going. >> i'm going to be staying right here. >> i'm going to be here with my fox5 family for christmas. >> isn't that the best. >> very sweet. you've been threatening us with some snow. so i need to you get right to it. stop horsing around. when
10:23 am
>> i love it. >> thank you. >> maybe a few flakes on friday. >> okay. >> best chance is honestly will be southern maryland. >> lower eastern shore. >> here at work or no. >> it's too close elder whether or not we could see a flake or two. we're in the talking about a major open or minor event. whether or not we see our first flake of the season. >> will you be outside when that happens. >> it might be friday night and saturday morning. >> okay. see now i'll have to pull these details out of. >> outside for another reason. >> you won't be working. >> closing down the bar. >> i know that's right. legend in my owned mind. >> 42 in washington. check out your winds north northwest at 12. the number you really want to focus the bottom left hand corner where it says 36 that's the wind chill temperature. >> that's the feels like temperature. >> exactly. that will be hanging out in the 30s even the 20s all day. here's what your wind chills feel like right now. just about everybody waking up to numbers that are in the low to mid 30s. we're not going to be terribly warm by any means this afte afternoon. our actual air temperature will be in the low to mid fours but the wind chills will be hanng
10:24 am
the remainder of your afternoon. all right. live shot we have cloud cover. our front has come through. we may see a little break in the or get some sunshine then back into the clouds but either way it will remain quite cool today with breezes out of the north and west just not going to warm up a whole lot this afternoon. once the sun goes down very cold tonight and as we have been talking about it for the better part of the week, the temperatures will remain below normal here for the next at least week and perhaps the next two weeks. you can see 50 today and then going to be very cool weekend but nice december weekend. perfect for shopping. >> all right. enjoy the day. >> hot chocolate. you're out shopping. maybe a snow flurry. >> um-hmm. >> okay. thank you tuck. >> my pleasure. >> back to you on the couch. >> just setting the mood for a nice holiday weekend. >> that's what he does. >> something like that. >> something like that. >> thanks al. thanks tuck. might be only one thing stronger than the force that
10:25 am
kevin out of the studio when we are talking about star wars and that is wwe champion and actor john cena. coming up next kev will join us live from the library of congress where the star of the new an my 98ed comedy ferdinand is reading the classic book to local students. of course we'll also take look at kev's interview wis last jedi star daysly ridley. that's coelomming up next a double dose of kevin. it's 10:25 right now and we will be right back.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
december 15th star wars episode eight the last jedi. ray joins luke skywalker on add venture with l
10:29 am
unlocks mysteries of the force and secrets of the past f star wars in your thing. it stars that guy. ferdinand. now ferdinand needs a voice based on the classic children's book the story of ferdinand about the bull who would rather smell flowers than fight ma tod or. it stars john cena. who just happens near in washington, d.c. today reading that classic book to local students. and two of those wanabees students join us right now. kevin mccarthy and erin como who would love nothing more in life than to have john cena actually read to them. good morning, guys. >> they hey good morning steve and everybody in dc i'm here with erin. she's a self proclaim massive john cena fan. so we are here today at the library of congress really cool event. as you mentioned there are 400 approximately 400 elementary school and younger middle school kids here to be read to. john cena will be reading the entire story of ferdinand about 20 minutes or so. >> right. >> to the crowd. talk about were you'
10:30 am
about. >> i'm so excited about all morning he was teasing kevin how jealous i was to give him big hug for me. thank you guys for letting me tag along and shadow kevin for the day. get to help him do the red carpet interview after the ev event. just know what it's like to be super star good john cena is right next door. an hour from now he'll be walking this area and erin and i will be interviewing him one of the things i love about erin passes passion for john cena what she likes about him and what he does personally for kids. talk about what,ing. >> exactly a total package. it's easy to look at him he's a buff good looking guy but he's passionate about spreading the message of anti bullying. does he a lot with make a wish and he's a really funny actor if you've ever seen train wreck. he's just funny. >> very funny. really good in daddy's home two. we've seen the kids walk in. john cena walked through the hallways little bit ago. a cool event here. this room is beautiful. architecture of this building blows my mind. >> it's such a special experience good really cool. >> erin and i will be sitting about right here on this carpet in a little bit and we'll
10:31 am
and watch him do his reading right now. he's actually doing his reading passion we're speaking we'll sneak in the back and watch him do that. >> taste of that as well. also kevin and i want to note aside from that you being so generous to let me tag a long. >> i'm glad to you're here. >> we'll the full interview on good day d.c. tomorrow. >> one quick thing before we get the star wars the kids who are here in the audience will have the opportunity to do a q and a with john cena after he's done with his reading which will be really cool. we'll have video of that tomorrow morning. let's switch gears to star wars now. >> are you excited. >> i'm so excited. >> i've recent fool star wars. >> ferdinand going up against star ways. i sat down daisy ridley she plays ray. spoke to her about a variety of things but specifically about her accent in the film. she's british actress. she kept her english accent for the movie. yet other british stars in the film went american specifically john. i wanted to know if had any indication who her parents might be in the film but first we talk
10:32 am
saw the force awakens daniel craig james bond played a storm trooper in that film and recently told the story on stephen colbert about being a storm trooper i wanted to get daisy ridley's side of that storm since she was in that room during that scene with daniel craig. watch this. ♪ something inside me has always been there. i was a awake and i need help. there's so many fanny rears i'm not going to ask you who ray's parents are. i'm curious at the beginning of force awakens and you john are both british acts with british accent. >> john went into an american act zen. >> amazing. >> you went to -- you kept your british accent. >> yeah. can you talk about was a decision there. is it a character choice why you have a british accent theories about who your parents might be if you have a british
10:33 am
>> john's american accent is fantastic. >> insane. >> mine i think it would have been distracting in i was like hey hans solo. i did an awful american accent and i didn't decide that. no. so maybe i'm sure there's a reason. i'm sure there's a reason. >> i can't wait to find out f care. >> one of my favorite scenes in the force awakens when you did the jedi mind trick on daniel craig storm trooper character. we heard his version thon story. what was dan craig's version. >> he toll it on the air he was in the storm trooper costume good he was sweating, too. >> it's hot. >> did you know he was going to be in that suit when you filmed that scene. yeah yeah yeah. because the helmet is really heavy and hot. so we had done blocking and everything with him without the helmet. this is hilarious. it was easy when he had the helmet on. oh, then this is storm trooper. it is james bond. >> does he actually speak during those scenes. y
10:34 am
change it digital until post? >> no. it was his normal voice. he was doing the thing. he was doing the line. and then in person i think because of the muscle link any way they would have had -- a did. r it. >> yeah yeah. >> that's what's so powerful about it. >> one thing i fine interesting carrie fisher element of the film is incredible emotional connection i cannot say how ripe handles the character. do you have a particular favorite memory of her on or offset that stays with you something you look back on and go, gosh i really loved that moment with carrie. >> when they released the behind scenes for the force awakens of collection of me and her dan dancing. when i saw i can't remember where it was, or if i was just told about it but when in this one there's a thing of us singing, and so it's just not -- like that's the nice thing between all of it we were just playing around. >> so star wars the last jedi hits theaters on decemb december 15th. also, ferdinand by the way chris smith whose
10:35 am
that you're watching this is his lovely girlfriend erin como. chris i'm a little worried though because john cena will be here in second she wants to give him a big hug. i'm i hope you're okay with t that. >> kevin you promised you wouldn't tell. i have butterflies. i remember steve chenevey talking about when he met his crush he got but flys and it's exciting to meet someone you're a big fan of. >> send us your questions for john cena. we'll see you back in studio for tomorrow morning. >> have fun, guys. >> i will say, feater manned the bull one of my favorite child stories. >> yeah. >> 1936 written by monroe leaf. >> john cena read it to you. >> i don't even care about that. but i -- yeah. those are both great movies i can't remember the last time i said there will be no movies in the theater that i actually want to see. >> ferdinand has a happy ending. >> oh, yeah. it's a classic. >> i'll get i was copy. >> star wars has a happy end to go. >> depends on which one. >> both hit theaters december 5th -- 1 15th. december 15th. >> looking good at those holiday parties. well it's not just for the
10:36 am
hot looks for the guys in your lives. 10:35 is the time right now. >> hey. ♪ z2i1zz z16fz y2i1zy y16fy
10:37 am
10:38 am
♪ holiday party season in full swing and while we've already showed you some show stopping looks for the ladies, can't forget the fellas, right join ugh this morning with holiday looks to keep your man looking fabulous designer and stylist
10:39 am
it is good to to see you. looking fabulous yourself. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> tell me why you know so much about men's fashion. >> well, i know a lot about fashion in general because i've litliterally been styling almost birth. my mother started a fashion business when i was 12 years old and i've been working in the rag business all my life. >> and you have a very popular blog, i understand. >> at if you were my boyfriend it's on instagram. so it's ifu not you. ifu were my boyfriend and it's a mens fashion and lifestyle blog that shows men that you can be masculine and fashion in order. >> all right. without further a do let's be just that. >> see masculine being fashion for. >> okay. sorry. >> no, you're good. >> we'll pretend that we're at a holiday party and these three are different types of men that are coming to the party. >> okay. here we are. we're at the party. oh, my gosh, are you ready for christmas. >> i can't wait. >> i still have gifts -- look who just showed up at the party. >> here he comes. >> my gosh. >> who is this. >> rock star millennial in fabulous fitted
10:40 am
and hounds tooth with a shirt supported in micro hounds tooth and i love the silhouette but it harkins back to the days of the beatles and motown when they did the stove pipe leg when i saw this dion san wog totally wear this. >> oh, okay. >> right. >> okay. >> that's what it made me think of. if i'm looking at him i'm at the party. what should be my lining to up to him? >> you can compliment him on his pop of color with his pocket square. you can compliment him on his fabulous man bun. >> hmm. that's still in, right. >> absolutely. >> all right. very good to know. >> i'm thinking he's going to have a strong personality. >> oh, yeah. brendon definitely has strong but charming personality. >> and the wink as the perfect accessory. i love it. >> right on queue. >> all right. okay. brendon i want you to pick me out drink. i want to see what you'll bring me later. you think about it. right. i haven't gotten my cards out yet. have you gotten your cards out. >> i never get them on time that's why i do beginning of the year cards. >> new year's cards. oh, my gosh our party is getting even
10:41 am
showed up at the door. >> everybody favorite son-in-law keith. >> he's already taken. >> amazing award winning beard. he's taken but we can still look and admire. >> he has on a gorgeous merlot cashmere blazer sports coat. pay attention to very popular trend that i've been really featuring with my clients. >> are you talking about the peacock feathers. >> peacock feathers with the pocket square. >> i would not have thought that. >> what does that say? what do you need to have to be able to pull off this look. >> you have to have confidence and assures. you have to commit to your look and go with it. >> i like those shoes, too. >> he has the gorgeous two tone leather -- toffee colored loafers. very strong very masculine. very smart. >> i would see with he would be everybody's son-in-law. >> look at that. and generous. >> we love that. i love him. >> i want to you pick out a drink for me, too. i'm going to grill you all later. yes, so i do have some of my gifts i need to do some
10:42 am
but definitely haven't wrapped yet. have you. >> i actually use gift bag. that's so efficient. >> yes, it is. that saves you so much time. >> all right. wayne. there's someone else at our party. >> ut-oh. there is. >> oh my gosh tell me about this guy. >> he's the eligible bachelor. >> who will end up under the mistletoe with this guy? [ laughter ] >> i travel with mistletoe. no, i'm just kidding tell me about the eligible bachelor. >> say queue has gorgeous luxurious look. beautiful slate blue suede motorcycle jack. act zenned by a beautiful cashier paisley scarf and i paired it with a tuxedo shirt crisp white tuxedo shirt to gift inference of holiday spirit. i paired it with a bout full steel gray jean and he has a gorgeous vintage wing tipped boot. >> i love the whole like the position of the tucks shirt but it's untuck. >> right. >> beautiful shoes but they're not tied. >> right. >> kind of a dee constructioned look. >> oh, my
10:43 am
is there -- i know a drink you're get mowing. >> oh, all right. >> hand it over. >> i'm just kidding. this is the best holiday party i've been to so far. >> oh, my gosh i love it. >> how do people final out about you. >> you can go to my blog as i said at if you were my boyf boyfriend. you can also go to my website christie love all my contact info is there. >> awesome. if you had one up to to give a by this year what would it. >> remember three thing. color, texture and detail. >> color, texture and detail. >> love it. system sum it all up and bring a gift. >> i'm just kidding. does absolutely. >> thank you all. ya'll look amazing. >> over to you. >> you need to get christie love. you like that, okay. >> all right. it is 10:43. do you like those fashions. >> which one would you do. >> burgundy. that one right there. >> burgundy is sharp. >> are you doing the peacock feathers. >> i can't do the feathers. >> come on
10:44 am
>> i got to do to do my own thing. i like everything else. i can't dot feathers. they look sharp. i got this thing with burr. >> it's a whole story. it's a whole story. >> leave it right there. >> leave it right there. >> i have peacock feathers at the top of my christmas tree. >> uncle ben's making trims dreams come through with an epic surprise. fox5 is right there to make it happen. you don't want to this miss. good i prefer to act sorry sources why some food. we have the barbecue bus and hill country and pitt master barbecue set to go. we'll get into a brisket battle coming up. i get to eat something much this will be good day. we'll see you after this.
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
>> today i'm going to read and i was going to talk after i read. >> there he is. the john cena here in our area at the library of congress like 400 school kids correct me if i'm wrong but cun of hundreds of kids from around the dmv are there to hear him read the book ferdinand of course he stars in the animated movie ferdinand. erin and kevin are there. we're hoping they snag him and we'll see one-on-one tomorrow with them. he's looking sharp in that suit.
10:48 am
>> totally custom made. >> it has to be custom made. that dude is huge. >> he's so perfect for it ferdinand is this big bull but he's so gentle just like john cena i love him it is the season of giving and one local silver spring elementary school student is about to get a major surprise. her name is savannah mark wood and she's third grader at stone gate elementary school and recently savannah entered the uncle ben's beginner cooking contest. summiting her recipe for pumpkin patch stuffed peppers. sounds like original, right. >> she was pick as one of the 25 finalists the winners are supposed to be revealed next week. but a little earlier this morning, our bob barnard was helped out with little surprise for the entire markwood family. take a look. >> reporter: guys we're at stone gate element will he school in silver spring where a seven year old second greater has just won for her family a $15,000 prize from uncle ben's and $30,0
10:49 am
school. there she is savannah markwood here with her mom and dad she made dish part of the uncle ben's beginner cooking contest. tell me about colleen what was the dish and what do you make of this award? >> sure we made a stuffed pepper dish. and this award is amazing i didn't think we would win. i'm very grateful. >> savannah was this surprise did you know this assembly was just for you today. >> did you know? >> she did. >> you did. very cool. tell me about this. one of the whole things james is about cooking as family is that something you guys make an evident to do? >> all the time. on the weekends, after work, it's definitely something we do quite often. it's pretty nice. >> and this dish in particular james carved the peppers, trip and brooklyn got them out of the garden. savannah and i cook them and stuffed them. this was an family effort. >> pumpkin patch stuffed peppers. >> love that. >> uncle ben' what is is the message you're trying toet
10:50 am
there. five winners like this around the country today, is that right. >> that is true. we have five grand prize winners each of won $15,000 check and then $30,000 check for their school. mission of ben's wingers all about inspiring kids and their parents and families to cook together. so we're really trying to get kids more involved in the kitchen earlier on. we know it can lead to great things for them. >> your name is. >> pew gentleman pe pennly i'm e associate branch manager for uncle ben's. before we leave come here i want to show you this is the dish. we'll interrupt. come here. this is it. sorry just for one second. there they are the peppers. the rice and all the good stuff there. that won savannah this contest. guys, we'll zen it back in to you. >> i enjoy bob. he brings the same level of enthusiasm to every story. so yeah. >> we need to have her to make those peppers. >> i know. >> in the good day kitchen. >> ps how about uncle ben's giving theirs thousand dollars to the school. >> and 15 to the family. >> and 25
10:51 am
>> i feel like i want uncle ben's rice tonight. steve, over to you. >> can you imagine if you can have epp vested that 15 grand for your kids college education at that age. it's perfect. >> peppers might be an awesome side dish we got the main course right here. the largest culinary event in d.c. coming downtown this weekend taking over the washington convention center metro cooking d.c. will most more than 25,000 foodies more than 200 specialty food exhibits cooking demos, book signings, feature some of the best barbecue the region has to offer. celebs as well. before the barbecue battle heats up this weekend three worthy competitors made the trip to the good day cafe joining us for good day barbecue battle get it going right now. hill country bash key represented by dan in the mi middle. myron mixon pitt master barbecue by pitt master john on the end and barbecue bus smoke house represented by cheh to my right. all local in the dc area. thank you guys first of all let's talk about that. i know some of you guys are local. some are guys are from outside of the area. i'll start with you because you're from the south. we
10:52 am
south. i been here almost 15 years it's getting to a better barbecue scene here in d.c. >> i would definitely agree with that. when i moved here 15 years ago same thing. there's no barbecue in the area. maybe one or two places rockland another place. good. but over the years, barbecue has expanded blown up. we've been around coming on seven years now. >> that's great. >> since then it's couldn't to do blow up. >> john you're a local guy. i want to talk to you working with myron mixon right now myron has been in here. great guy comes up from the south. let me ask all of you guys. we have before this accident kit here today what makes a good brisket what sets the brisket apart. >> tenderness and taste. it's got to be at the present time. brisket is a tough piece of meat. cook it right e get it tent without it drying out. >> you say that but you have different cooking styles. we all have brisket here. yours doesn't can be nearly as yours. you cooked yours all night. >> all night. >> society difference is what? you're cooking six hours and you'
10:53 am
and you're cooking twice that much. >> yeah. >> the faster method what advantage is that. >> it's competition hem. we have competition cooker it's got water in it we're one of the few restaurants around that are using this type of cook cory. we're cooking hot and fast. we wrap it in competitions if you're not wrapping you're not winning. >> and cheh in the meantime you have the challenge you have a forefront on georgia avenue but for the last several years, you had food truck cooking out of the bus. >> that's right. you have that challenge can you do a good brisket in a smaller area like and could we do a good brisket at home. >> absolute. i think one of things is your wood. right. so we source our wood from small farm in maine it's mix and of fruits and notes. you get a little bit of sweetness and spice out of that. >> what do you do with your brisket white right here. we'll have friendly competition the big competition is this weekend at the metro cooking show. but the competition i get to try it all. this will be fun. what do you do with your
10:54 am
give me your sales pitch. >> we've got our house spice rub that we go dot the brisket in. there you go. >> all right. >> i'll eat you talk. >> sounds like a good deal. >> yup. put it in our smoker. the right combination of fruit and nut woods. we typically smoke it all night. in the morning it will smoke all day. we go low and slow. and it comes out and made with lot of love. >> definitely taste the smoke in there. got a lot of flavor. ooh definitely like that. i apologize for speaking with my mouthful. get used it to i'll do it a loll. dan. give me the sales pitch. >> same thing we go low and slow. we also go all night. we do our signature, keep it very traditional texas style. so salt, pepper, cayenne, and oakwood from texas keep it true to texas as possible and at the end we were voted best barbecue in d.c. not too long ago. >> there's t
10:55 am
a lot of people go with the wet versus the dry. is that just personal preference or what -- >> definitely a personal preference. >> the wet just more fat in it. >> exactly. >> okay. keep talking. so i can eat. >> try not to use that word more fat. it is fattier it will add to the juiciness. give it a little bit more flavor. the lien is just as good. hold that smoke little bit better. >> that bark on there. phenomenal. >> all right john. certainly not least here give us sales pitch here. cut in front of you for one second. >> what do we have? we use hundred% wood new york gas or electric in our cooker. very important much these are double smoked burn ins. this is best part of the bri brisket. >> what is it that makes the burnt end fatty brisket and cook it twice. >> i like that. all right. tell me some of the secrets that you have going on down at myra mixon when myron was in here he ws all excited about being in the area in alexandria. how thing going so far? >> it's going pretty well. >> pardon the fingers. >> we
10:56 am
competition. his ribs and sauces. it's myron mental i've been cook wig it for ten years since i first cooked with him. >> super tender. >> all right. these are my little awards. because it's like reading a the words i say the words they appear most tender congratulations, best seasoning for the house seasoning. >> and best flavor because i ate straight off the bark and i cannot ever go wrong when i eat straight off the bark you are all winners to us. thank you very much. all phenomenal i highly recommend all three. but the bottom line go to metro cooking get your information for this weekend's show you can try all these many, many more. i hope you guys have fun at the show this weekend. >> congratulations to all. great stuff. i hope i saved you all a little bit so you can come over and try some. >> we will. we'll be right there. >> find our way there. >> all right. final weather word, my friend. >> he didn't tell us which one was his favorite. >> wasn't he going to do that. >> we'll wait for the competition. he likes them all
10:57 am
>> windy and cold out later this afternoon. temperatures in the 40s. wind chills in the 30s. jacket weather here to stay through the weekend. okay. where are some forks. thanks for much whatting. let's go. z2m7ez z16fz
10:58 am
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